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Free Gmail Professional Business Email

This tutorial solves a lot of (WordPress) email issues. Using SMTP for WordPress take a little setup, but everyone should learn how to do this! We share a great free solution using the WP Mail SMTP plugin. This is super useful when using a cloud VPS, such as the popular options from Cloudways, Digital Ocean, Vultr and Linode.

This will fix a number of common issues such as:

WordPress WooCommerce emails not sending 

WordPress emails going to junk

WordPress password reset email not sending 

WordPress contact form email not sending (e.g. WP Forms, Contact Form 7)

Also, If you're looking to set up free business email addresses using your own domain name, check out my previous tutorials:

Using Gmail:

Using Zoho mail:

Optimized WordPress VPS (Unlimited Sites!) Linode Setup Tutorial with WordOps

This method will give you an awesome, fully optimized and secured WordPress setup. All commands used in the tutorial are shown on our blog here: ​ We used Linode in this example, but you can use pretty much any VPS. We recommend these free trials if you'd like to try for yourself: Vultr ➡️​ (my favourite) Linode ➡️ ​Digital Ocean ➡️ ​ If you'd like an easier method, our previous Vultr & Plesk tutorial also gives the same outstanding results, but with a graphical setup rather than using the command line:​ Even easier still is Cloudways, albeit a little more expensive, but your server is fully managed and secured by Cloudways:​ Cloudways is recommended for those of you who are new to managing their own server. However, take advantage of the other free trials too, you will learn a lot and build some great experience. Guides for changing your DNS (depending on where you bought your domain)​ ​Email Options: Zoho Mail Box:​ Gmail Custom Domain Email:​ SMTP for WordPress Notificaitons:​ Migration Examples: All in one migration:​ Duplicator:​ SSH Key Guide — There are several ways to use SSH if you prefer (rather than a root password). I used the 'Generate a Key Pair with PuTTY' for windows under part 3 here: ​0:00​ Introduction to WordOps 1:10​ Recommended Cloud Servers 2:32​ Why use WordOps? 4:12​ WordOps Setup on Linode 13:33​ WordPress Performance Example: Google PageSpeed Insights 15:30​ WordOps Backend Panel 16:22​ WordOps Maintenance 18:09​ Email Options 18:38​ Adding more WordPress Sites 19:29​ Migration Options 20:07​ Conclusions

WordPress VPS Optimization

Gutenberg WordPress Tutorial with Kadence Blocks

Starting an Online Business in 2021 - Get your idea online

Kadence + Elementor with Starter Templates